Long Beach’s Crystal Antlers rocked the El Rey Theatre on Wednesday, Nov. 18, opening up for The Big Pink, alongside io echo. I had seen them play this past summer at FYF Fest and was totally stoked on their explosive energy. Drummer, Kevin Stuart is a beast behing that kit! Dude was bangin’ out the drum rolls so hard and fast I thought he was holding four sets of sticks … talk about trails. Errol Davis is an amazing guitarist and knows how to work the crowd not only with some psychedelic wails and insane guitar solos, but he’s got some sweet-ass on-stage movement. Between the loudness of the drums and guitars, I really couldn’t hear front-man, Jonny Bell’s vocals. They were kind of blasted out through massive orchestrations of sound. But I didn’t mind gettin’ my ears rocked off one bit.

Be sure to check the Crystal Antlers out! They’re touring heavily and getting a wide spread of global notoriety. You can buy their debut full-length “Tentacles” here.

P.S. Love, love, love Damian Edwards handling the percussion with his candid persona. That dude is so fun to watch with this high kicks and jumps. Sexual Chocolate baby!

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker