Peaches at the Wiltern – Live Crazy Video

Don’t be scerred of the “teaches of Peaches.” For those of you that have yet to check out the amazing shots we got of Peaches live at the Wiltern last Saturday, I suggest you take a peep. You just might be one of the fortunate (or not so fortunate) fans she either: sprayed champagne on, crowd surfed over, walked on their head, spat blood on or shoved a crotch and ass cheek into!

Click here for the photos/review from her Glass House show in October, and click here for the even better photos/review from her recent Wiltern show.

As for now, you should check out what a real Peaches live show looks like below. Pure madness …

Photos: Craig Parker

Does this song really need an introduction? You know how it goes …
“Fuck The Pain Away.” Rated R (Does her vadge-badge have a strobe light?)


“Boys Wanna Be Her” My ultimate fav (before it became the theme song of “Dirt”) with a lil Sabbath and all Peaches!


“You love it” – Peaches goes dance-crazy here and sprays the crowd with champagne! You can truly see how good she works the stage, jumping off guitar kits and shit. Not to mention, the crowd goes nuts for her!


More Peaches Vids from the Wiltern:

“More” – This one is all about the techno and lazer sword! Bangin’

“Kick it” – Where’s Iggy Pop? He’s right here

“Shake Your Dicks, Shake Your Tits” – Don’t be shy, just do it.

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