I’ve been dying to see Peaches live for quite some time now and finally was able to this past Monday, Oct. 26 at the Glass House in Pomona, Calif. I was very surprised that the venue didn’t sell out for this overly-sexed rockstar! But in the same turn, I was stoked there was more than enough room to dance our asses off, and that’ exactly what we did.

Between about 10 different wardrobe changes from all things pleather, shiny, tight and even bloody, Peaches roused the crowd with her sexual energy and rockstar prowess. She just doesn’t give a fuck! Playing songs from her latest album “I Feel Cream,” the crowd went nuts after she performed “Billionaire” featuring a projected image of Shunda K rapping alongside her (peep the photos below), somewhere after that she walked on the crowd like Iggy Pop and proceeded to crowd surf! Check the video below, I think there was some unexpected crotch grabs!

Clad in nothing but a towel that she opened up to reveal what looked like her naked body, “Loose You” was a stellar performance. Putting aside the powerful bad-ass venom that we all know Peaches exudes, she gets sweet and slow during this sultry ballad. For all you weird boys who love your mommies a lil too much and being babied, Peaches incited a hard techno riot (at least for us dancers in the back) once “Mommy Complex” came into play. Next time, I think she should get an adult man-baby to prance around in diapers and a bottle! That fucked up fetish is right up her alley and I wouldn’t be surprised if she played with the idea.

I absolutely loved when she performed “Boys Wanna Be Her” from “Impeach My Bush.” That is one of my favorite songs and is totally oozing with both confidence and cockiness. Once “Shake Yer Dix” came on, my girl and I were shaking and grabbing our tits in the name of Peaches! I only wish the crowd had been more upbeat and less reserved! When Peaches asks you to “shake your tits” and “shake your dix,” you best start movin’ your sex thang!

I’m sure the LA Wiltern show will be MUCH better in terms of filling the house with an audience that wants to rock out with out worrying who’s watching. This Pomona/IE crowd needs a lesson in concert-rocking-out 101.