Album of the Week – Peaches “I feel Cream”

Peaches-i-feel-creamAlbum after album, I’m always loving me some Peaches. She’s as free-spirited as a dirty South rapper, grabbin’ booty and lookin’ fora  bone. Ain’t no shame in her game. I’m loving her new album “I feel Cream,” hence the reason why it’s the album of the week over here at As always she brings the beats, the tech, the rock, and the smooth— all rapped into one tasty treat you just wanna eat.

I dig her sexy, soft song “Loose You,” but “Mommy Complex” is my jam! Not only do I think the lyrics are dope, but it’s a great song to dance to, has some of those early 90’s raver beats—kinda like when L.A. Style’s “James Brown is Dead” was the hype; fuzzy hard crazy beats.

Mommy Complex

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