“Monster” by Inu – EP Review and FREE MP3 Download

Coming at you from famed San Francisco-based producer, Count (Radiohead, New Order, DJ Shadow), featuring the talented cellist, Zoe Keating (Imogen Heap, Dresden Dolls) and dueling guitarist/ bassist, Tim Hingston (Nyles Lannon), check out this eclectic new project: Inu

These three innovators  have come together to create a beautifully blended array of magnetic soundscapes, elegant guitar and clean tempos. The “Monster” EP starts with track “The Bailing” (my fav, dowload it for FREE below),  it moves you with delicate beat tingles, soft distorted guitar and a calming yet steady melodic vocal. As the song builds it drops in and out with little synthetic trinkets while maintaining its emotional presence and sonic composure.

The track “Stephan Colbert” has a nice basic break-beat tempo with cool vocals backed in-and-out with slight vocoder effects complemented by smooth sustained bass effect and cello mods. It’s a coincidence in timing with taking a listen during these days of rain and gloom but the music presented by Inu is calming yet uplifting with emotion and depth. I really enjoyed “A Crowded Place” which contains a nice tempo of drums and cymbals riding over  distorted guitars and atmospheric sounding elements.

And what’s an EP without a little down tempo ambiance like in “Captured” with souring guitars, steady vocals and a lovely soundscape in the backdrop. Take a listen and enjoy the emotional presence and sonic composure of Inu.

Words: Walter Burciaga

The track, ‘The Bailing’ is available to offer as a FREE MP3 download here.

‘Monster’ EP Tracklisting:
1. The Bailing
2. Stephen Colbert (Animated video coming soon!)
3. Disarmed
4. A Crowded Place
5. Captured

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