Jemina Pearl at The Glass House – Photo Gallery

Remember a few years ago that poppy indie rock outfit fronted by a whiney voiced chick, Be Your Own Pet? They were a group of young kids from Nashville, TN with adolescent lyrics all to the tune of 50’s inspired pop with a punk twist. It was cute, but nothing I cared to listen to much. Well now the toe-headed front-woman, Jemina Pearl has gone solo.

Opening up for The cribs this past Tuesday, Jan. 26 at The Glass House, Pearl did a pretty good job workin the stage with that big ass boot over her right foot. I guess she must have broken it or something …  Performing songs from here solo debut “Break It Up,” the album features appearances by Thurston Moore, Iggy Pop, Dave Sitek and Derek Stanton. Her music’s cute and still has that 50’s pop element to it, but again like Be Your Own Pet it really didn’t do much for me. I’m sure all the high school kiddies love her shit though.

Check out the photos below!

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker

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