Eels’ last album “Hombre Lobo” (12 Songs of Desire) had me by the fuckin’ titts! Howling like a werewolf with a broken heart, front-man Mark Oliver Everett (aka “E”) and his band put out a stellar seventh album.  So what does Eels’ eighth studio album “End Times” have in store for us? It’s pretty damm sappy and just might put you in a downward funk. Touching and thoughtful nonetheless, the album was self-produced by E and focuses on themes of divorce and aging (yeah, depressing).

Gone Man” is one of the few upbeat tracks on the album and one of my favs. Rollin’ out with some twangalicious country guitars coated with a grimy hint of blues, this song will remind regretful men of the one woman they just couldn’t keep. Snooze you loose boys! Bringing it down ten-fold, you best bust out a box of tissues for “In My Younger Days.” It’s a beautiful song with delicate guitars and dreamy soundscapes, but with-out-a-doubt, it’s some depressive blues about getting old and weak. Something we can all relate to.

Raising the tempo back up, “Paradise Blues” brings E’s warewolf-like howls back out  but the song still tastes a lil bland. Another favorite of mine that bustles with a groovy 60’s rock feel, “Unhinged” is a very cool track rockin’ that sweet organ and tambourine.

Although there are some endearing qualities about putting out an album that is far more stripped down and simple than its predecessor, “End Times” is drenched in lyrics that are too depressing to be paired with such a toned down album. Unless you thrive on misery, “End times” would be a good listen for you. I get it and respect the transition from “Hombre Lobo,”  but this album just doesn’t do much for me.

Words: Sandy B.