“Hombre Lobo” by Eels – Album Review

eels_Hombre_lobo‘Hombre Lobo” by Eels – Howling like a werewolf with a broken heart, front-man Mark Oliver Everett (aka “E”) and his band put out a stellar seventh album.  Eels’ “Hombre Lobo” is most definitely “12 songs of desire.” I couldn’t help but notice how almost every song is about a woman. I guess us ladies do have quite the profound effect on you men, considering almost all songs are about us. J “Hombre Lobo” has a great variety of sounds, effects and melodies to keep you listening to each track. From soft sweet ballads fit to make any girl fall in love with Everett’s bittersweet words, to those hip rockin’ blues tunes, the album has a great mix of tracks.

A few of my favorites: “That Look You Gave That Guy” has a really soft melody. The lyrics are totally sweet and have the ability to put a sincere smile on every girls’ face  . . .  *sigh* “Tremendous Dynamite” is just fuckin’ badass in all its glorious fuzz and grit, it exudes the sexiness of a bad boy. As great as “Hombre Lobo” is, for some reason it feels like it’s made to please us ladies because as I write this review, it’s pulling quite the number on me. “Fresh blood” has some amazing sounds and howls to it: very sexy psychedelic. Taking you back to the good ole rock of the 60’s, “What’s a Fella Gotta Do” makes you want to grab a hottie and dance the night away.

If I were a teacher, “Hombre Lobo” would receive an A+ ! The album is sexy, sweet and bad fuckin’ ass. Stream it here then buy it at amazon.com.

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