“In This Light And On This Evening” by Editors – Album Review

The Editors are Tom Smith, Chris Urbanowicz, Russell Leetch, and Ed Lay and they have presented their new album In This Light and on This Evening.” Yes, it’s easy to say this band is reminiscent of historical music in the post punk era where men of lyrical genius and vocal presence lead the way in the front, and the emotional instrumentation was in the back drop such as with artists Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Church, and many others.

There is more to this artistic brilliance from the Editors than meets the hype. “Walk The Fleet Road” glides in with enchanting orchestral instrumentation lead by the deep vocals of Smith with timely drum pounds. The tempo changes with a quirky stab in “Eat Raw Meat=Blood Drool.” This lyrical story takes you by the hand and ear into your own perception and interpretation with its processed drums, heavy piano touches, organic synths, and well blended guitars. It’s clear the Editors sounds are NOT cookie cuts but more of a creative collaboration of individual artistic contributions.  “Like Treasure” eases through with a steady wide beat, hat and cymbal interchanges with gliding synth pads and soaring vocal layers upon layers. I love when it breaks into the guitar riffs and the angelic synthetic chimes are applied.

“The Boxer” starts with a vibe type pattern with a nice short attack guitar sound. Then the emotional wave arrives with a story lead by the melodic deep vocals of Smith along with the captivating guitar releases of Urbanowicz.

“The Big Exit” starts basic with nice narrow gated beats then the lovely minor notes allow for the emotionally daring turn. I’ll tell you why I love this track. When a song can pull you from the inside and out into your reality and fantasies, then it’s with much great appreciation for knowing you have a soul.

Many artists with great sounds falter when they bury the vocals and leaving you guessing with what they are singing. Editors are successful with allowing the lyrics to be heard yet keeping their sounds balanced and most importantly alive and kicking like in “You Don’t Know Love” and “Papillon”

“Bricks and Mortar” has this 77 Ultravox sounding beat intro blended with a cool phasing short-attack synth pad that drives through and is met by a coasting bass pulse, acoustic drum kit, and scrappy distorted rhythm guitar.  It twists and turns into lovely melodies and up front vocals.

The concluding track “In This Light And On This Evening” with its deepness of piano, synths, nice distorted bass lines with intertwining guitars and calm deep vocals appears to be a captured moment in the artist’s vision, memory, or experience.  There is something about minor notes or dark/light tones along with uplifting elements that extracts emotions from the listener. And when it’s really good and deep, then it can touch your soul. Editors did just that.

Words: Walter Burciaga

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