7 Affordable Gifts That Will Get You Laid on Valentine’s Day (or at least a BJ)!

What should I get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? What’s are some good valentines gifts on a budget? A few of my guys friends have asked me these questions and I thought I’d compile a list of cool gifts to give your special lady. Although most girls are into material gifts, I’ve always had a greater appreciation for the ones that came straight from the heart with lil, if no monetary value. Don’t get me wrong, I do like gadgets and fashionable gifts, but nothing says how much you like someone with your own creation. What can I say, I’m a sucker for artists and gifts from their creative genius.

Some of these things may sound cheesy, but truth be told, us ladies like these tokens of affection. And if you wanna get extra lucky, these gifts should do the job (unless you’re dating a money-grubbin’ lame chick).

  • Write Her A Song – If you have the most attractive talent of verse, paired with some guitar skills, put together your thoughts about this person and play her a song that will make here heart skip-a-beat (instant panty dropper).
  • Mixtape – We all have songs that remind us of a special person. Put together a killer and sweet selection of music for your lady. Throw it on a CD, memory stick, or if you can go super old school, put it on a tape! This shit is way cute. Don’t forget to label the songs.
  • Poem – Whether a haiku or a limerick, or just a sweet composition of words, how do you really feel about your lady? Put in poetry and slap it on a nice piece of stationery with your own handwritten ink. Even if your cursive sucks ass, I’m sure you’ll at least get a BJ out of this sweet gesture.
  • Painting/Drawing – I once had a very beautiful drawing done of me and thought it was so damn sweet. If you have the gift of art in your hands, make something amazing for your woman that she will isntantly prop up on her wall. Do this and you’ll get to prop her up against the wall in the naughtiest of ways.
  • Dinner – My ex couldn’t cook worth a lick, but the last guy I dated cooked some pretty tantalizing meals up! So if you guys like to cook, dazzle your sweetheart with some breakfast in bed or her favorite meal. If you’re cooking up a dinner, don’t forget to pair it with a great wine, candle light, sweet tunes, and some tasty desert.
  • Flowers – I don’t care what anyone says, I fuckin’ love flowers and they always do the trick. Unless your lady’s favorite flowers are roses, get her soemthing different and not of the norm. Or better yet, pick her fresh flowers from a flower nursery or in the wild.
  • Love Letter -Not an email and not a lame text. Get your lady a blank card (preferrably made by Papyrus) and write her a sweet letter on the inside. Doesn’t have to be a poem, but just your  thoughts about her and your relationsip with her. Or write it on some nice stationary. Even better, mail her the card/letter so it arrives on Valentine’s Day. Even if she lives 10 minutes away, there’s just something so romatic about air-mail, like a telegram from the old days.

**DO NOT get your lady a half-assed gift at your local Walgreens or Rite Aid. That’s an instant FAIL and you’ll surely be the owner of a lonely boner.**

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