“Similes” by Eluvium – Album Review

Matthew Cooper of Eluvium has crossed over a sound bridge into a familiar realm of vocalization and ambient soundscapes of creative artists such as Pieter Nooten. Opening track “Leaves Eclipse the Light” off his new album “Similes,” begins with a mutated percussive loop within halls and timely delays and is met with a lovely detuned synth strings and pads. Soft yet clear vocals by Cooper are blended and smoothly changes as the melody settles into a lovely bed of tones. Cooper’s vocals are very complimentary to his array of electronic realms.  A futuristic piano element is presented in “The Motion Makes Me Last” with a touch of an American flavor back to the country but in an electronic form of matter that its spine is connected by a creative and subtle sequential rhythmic pattern.

“Weird Creatures” has a wonderful yet simple chord pattern that cycles back and forth then back again. It’s simply not overloaded; however, its effective melody can carry on and on without boredom.  The piano sounds are very prominent in most of the Eluvium’s tracks.  However, the treatments are modulated and mutated slightly into impressive atmospheric piano effects that enhance the arrangements as in “Making Up Minds”. It’s just beautiful.  “Bending the dream” is like the prophecy theme in “Dune” with deep hollow waveforms that sour within the head-space of the listener.

These works of art in sound by Eluvium can instantly take you to that place within your inner self and bring forth peace yet extract fond memories. Thought processing is initiated in each track by Eluvium.  There is music that just touches the surface of oneself, there is music that promotes ones immediate and common desire, but the real good music as in Eluvium’s “Similes” album puts you in what I call extraction mode in which the music pulls or extracts emotions, memories and thoughts from one.

Words: Walter Burciaga

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