Darker My Love at the Henry Fonda Theatre – Show Review and Photos

As I arrived at the Henry Fonda Theatre this past Wednesday for one of LA’s finest bands, Darker My Love, I was totally surprised by the crowd on the scene. The place was flowing with waves of teeny boppers that you would normally see on the set of TRL. For a second, I had to question whether Darker My Love was in fact playing a show at the Fonda. Later I would find out why the sea of pop-laden tweens, it was for the headlining band Temper Trap, talk about teen-dreams (review to be posted shortly).

Kicking off their set with an insane intro of buzzing guitars and fixating drum rolls, I knew we were going to be in for a ripping set. With lead guitarist, Tim Presley, who at times resembles a young Mick Jagger with his chiseled jaw and puckering of the lips, bassist Rob Barbato and him share the front lines when it comes to the vocals. Both with their own unique style where Presley tends to sing more on the melodic and thrashing side of tunes, while Barbato brings out some grizzly vocals when it comes to playing up the down home blues inspired rock. That guy is just bad-ass with his beard, style and all.

I couldn’t help but keep my eyes fixed on drummer, Dan Allaire, he definitely kills it with such ferocity. I swear a drop of his sweat had made its way from his kit to my face! Although previous drummer, Andy Granelli (also of The Distillers) kicked some serious ass when he was with Darker My Love, Allaire can handle the skins like a madman.

With Jared Everett on the rhythm guitar and Will Canzoneri on the organ, the entire band is complete. Happily stuck in a bubble of wailing guitars, psychedelic fuzz and bursts of those dirty twangy blues you just want to stamp your foot to, Darker My Love planted a serious perma-grim on my face. These guys put on a great show with captivating intros and outros full of textures and pulsating drums … I was in sonic bliss.

Darker My Love plays this Sunday, March 14, 2010 at The Prospector in Long Beach and next week at SXSW.

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker

4 thoughts on “Darker My Love at the Henry Fonda Theatre – Show Review and Photos

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  4. Willy

    These guys rocked it. I came strictly for
    them and left when the MTV teen dream band Temper Trap came on.

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