“One Life Stand” by Hot Chip – Album Review

Let’s stop for a moment and consider the art of keeping it real. Many claim to do it, few actually do. Hot Chip keeps it fucking real and you only need to look to their latest album, “One Life Stand” to see that. There’s something old school about keeping your album to ten tracks, and the album is full of flairs that make you say “oh shit, Hot Chip, I love you!”

In the past, I’ve looked to Hot Chip to show up on my exercise and getting-ready-to-hit-the-town mixes, but with “One Life Stand” they show that they are so much more than that. Like an acquaintance that I got drunk and had a heart-to-heart with, Hot Chip and I are moving into the realm of becoming much better friends through this album. Got heart ache but you want to dance? Call Hot Chip. Unrequited love and a need to shake your ass? Hot Chip.
Melodrama and a kick ass outfit? Hot Chip!! If you haven’t heard them before, my instinct to wear sleek black with lots of eyeliner and dance around with my head down leads me to compare them to early Depeche Mode. Alexis Taylor’s voice provides dreamy melodies to play off of the kick ass electronic beats.

“Thieves in the Night” sets the mood for the record; totally danceable with a wistful soul. I don’t usually turn to dance music when I want to listen to something with heart, but Hot Chip totally changed that. This album is more cohesive than their last, “Made in the Dark.” I’ve already said it has a heart and a soul, I’ve already said it’s real. “One Life Stand” feels alive.

I love the melodrama of “I Feel Better,” the sweeping synthesizers mimic ultra-modern strings. The namesake track, “One Life Stand” offers more of a love song than I could have anticipated from Hot Chip, and “Slush” makes me ache for the summer.

This record begs to be played at parties on warm nights and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing this summer.

Words: Roxy Roknian

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