Xiu Xiu at the Casbah San Diego – Live Photos

Experimental synth rockers, Xiu Xiu came to rock the Casbah this past Wednesday, March 17, 2010 in San Diego. From noise, synth-pop, fuzzy guitar textures, ambient and many more luscious sounds, Xiu Xiu amazed the crowd with an epic show. Check out the live photos of Xiu Xiu below!

Photos: Big Swig

9 thoughts on “Xiu Xiu at the Casbah San Diego – Live Photos

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  5. Big Swig

    so true, expensive equipment does not equal good shots. although my camera is a pretty good film camera. and most of my other cameras are 25+ years old. all the technology in the world will not make you a better photographer.

  6. Jen Chen

    I must admit…I was thinking the pics from SBSW seemed dull…yep expensive equipment definitely doesn’t make a difference if the photographer has no passion! You can see it through the pictures!!

  7. Sandy Post author

    Yep! That’s a “real” photographer for you. Big Swig rules! He’s not some bogus self-proclaimed poser who’s been shooting for less than a year by borrowing some geek’s fancy equipment. Damn she had the most boring shots: no emotion, no motion and no artistic positioning. Just close-ups. You can’t fuckin’ buy natural creativity. And she definitely doesn’t have the “eye” for a good shot. geek.

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