Live Photos and Review From Hole’s SXSW Show at SPIN’s Stubb’s Bash!

Whoa! The original hot mess that has embarrassed herself many times over is back and just played her first US gig in over a decade! Check out the photos of Courtney Love and her Hole performance below. And be sure to read LA’s very own top music critic, Kevin Bronson’s review over at  Apparently she gave a kick-ass show and was not the trainwreck we expected. Perhaps she’s turning over a new leaf …

“Hole delivered a muscular and saw-toothed 50-minute set that reaffirmed her status, even at age 45, as rock provocateur.”

Click here to read Kevin Bronson’s review!

Check out more photos from SXSW here!

Photos: Kara E. Murphy

4 thoughts on “Live Photos and Review From Hole’s SXSW Show at SPIN’s Stubb’s Bash!

  1. Big Swig

    wait, but isnt the photo pit in front of the crowd? a body shot should have been possible if you were up front.

  2. Kara

    Hi Lu,

    I would’ve loved to get full body shots but only SPIN and MySpace photographers were given access to the photo pit. Instead, me and my photographer friend from Spinning Platters among others had to shove our way as far up as possible to the front. These were the best shots I could get. Hope you enjoy them.

    🙂 Kara

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