Legendary Rock Photographer Jim Marshall Dies at 74

This sad news. Not only is Jim Marshall one of my favorite rock photographers of all time, but we just caught up with him not too long ago in San Francisco for “A Heartbeat and a Guitar – Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears” book release party.

According to Rolling Stone, the 74-year-old passed away in his sleep Tuesday night in New York.

From Johnny Cash, Keith Richards, Jim Morrison and many more, Marshall shot some of the most iconic photos in the history of rock n’ roll. This man was the shit and paved the way for the many rock photogs we have today. Rest in peace Jim Marshall, you truly had the eye for a shot that spoke a 1,000 words, something not even a fancy lens can get you.

Check out some of his beautiful work below and for more amazing shots cruise over to   MarshallPhoto.com.

Jim Marshall (11.5.09 – Make-Out Room, San Francisco)

Some of his AMAZING work.

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