Hot Band Alert: The Ferocious Few at Les Deux – Show Review and Photos

When I first received The Ferocious Few’s debut album, “Juices” I new these guys were gonna bring a hell of a show after listening to their first track, “Gasoline & Cocaine.” If the title alone doesn’t procure some curiosity, the stealth surf-guitar-like intro and pulsating drums will. These guys fuel the best party you’ve never been to with their high energy instrumentation and enticing flavor. They play their music with a sick style and skill and they look very fuckin’ cool doing it.

Hailing from San Francisco, The Ferocious Few are all but a “ferocious two.” They played a kick-ass show at Hollywood’s Les Duex this past Monday, May, 10th. Although the venue was flooded with the annoying Hollywood scenestars, 18-and-over mind you, it was easy to ignore the nuisances as soon as they hit the stage.

In the style of infamous duos, The Black Keys and The White Stripes, The Ferocious Few can knock-out most live five-piece bands with their pure, unstripped, American rock n’ roll. At times their music is fast and fun such as in “Kathleen”, while other times it can be sweet and slow as in “Crazy Love.”

Front man, Francisco Fernandez brings the heat with his incessant foot-stomping and ferocious guitar lines. At one point I thought he was going to break through the floor boards! Instead, his loud foot stomping antics (which totally make you want to dance) knocked his drink all over the stage. The shit’s intense. Fernandez has an endearing yet edgy set of vocals that roll with a sexy nasally twang, with an occasional howl or whistle, this guys knows how to own the stage. Equally, his talented cohort, Daniel Aguilar is dedicated to those drums. I don’t think I ever saw the dude look out to the crowd before him. Bangin’ the skins with either his drum sticks or a tambourine, Aguilar sends some smokin’ pulsating beats hot enough to boil your blood. The man excludes this unique mystery that makes his music, style and persona, all the more attractive.

With elements of country, blues, surf and psycho-blue-grass, The Ferocious Few bring back that raw American rock n’ roll. Do yourself a favor, buy their new album “Juices.” And if they ever come to a town near you, you best get off your ass and go catch them put on a show. You will not be disappointed.

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker

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2 thoughts on “Hot Band Alert: The Ferocious Few at Les Deux – Show Review and Photos

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  2. Lizette R.

    I came for the open bar and left with visions of an amazing new band. These guys were rocking!

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