LCD Soundsystem at the Fox Theater Pomona – Show Review and Photo Galley

For those of us that were lucky enough to see LCD Soundsytem’s epic return and jaw breaking performance at Coachella, we all know just how amazing the experience was. Thankfully for those who didn’t attend, LCD played a couple shows in the LA area where fans were exposed to all the bombastic greatness that is LCD Soundsystem.

Last Saturday, June 5, 2010 disco Renaissance man James Murphy (aka LCD Soundsystem) graced the stage of the Fox Theater Pomona with an entourage of booming walls of sound, day-tripping lights and a vibrant ensemble of musicians — LCD put on quite the nostalgic dance party. Needless to say, he also played a fun sampling of songs from his latest (and final album) “This Is Happening.” The crowd went absolutely bonkers when “Drunk Girls” came blasting through the speakers. I couldn’t tell if it was the bass causing the vibrations through the floor, or all the happy dancers jumping around on the Fox Theater floor!

As tired as I was from the previous night’s shenanigans, I still gathered enough energy to bob my head and shake my hips with the rest of the friendly faces at the show. It was a raging dance party and dang, there were some hot chicks in the house!

Opening up for LCD was Brooklyn’s Holy Ghost! They brought in their tropical electro rhythms with a fierce but friendly sound—a perfect compliment to LCD.

Check out all the photos of LCD Soundsystem at the Fox Theater in Pomona below!

Words: Sandy B.
Photos: Matt Draper

LCD Soundsystem

Holy Ghost!

11 thoughts on “LCD Soundsystem at the Fox Theater Pomona – Show Review and Photo Galley

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  5. Francisco

    The show was great, i had not been to Pomona since I was a student at UCR. and my god their little downtown area is pretty gorgeous. The Fox Theater’s upstairs patio area was beautiful, had a very Palm Springs resort feel to it. but yeah the show was amazing! I think I danced the entire show! BTW did you hear about the afterparty they had for the Palladium show at Lacey warehouse on Friday?

  6. drewtheyours

    Great show and review! Bobbie can go fuck himself, which he probably wastes more time doing on a regular basis. Why even bother talking shit, you fucking twerp? I bet you’re just mad that you couldn’t make the show you worthless fuck. Besides, who spells Bobbie that way? Now go on with your miserable life and waste some time with people that know they are wasting their time by even knowing you. I bet you like Lady gaga too. Idiot.

    I loved the show and the finale was fucking great!

    Thanks Grimy!

  7. Gisa

    I went to both shows and the Fox was waaaaaay better! Such a fun venue. LCD rocked! I hate tha palladium.

  8. Ryan

    Awesome photos and review. The comments are funny too. Any kind of review that includes a personality are always the best. That’s why I like this site.

    “If you ain’t getting hated on, you must be doing something wrong.”

  9. Sandy Post author

    Thanks for the edit “Bobbie Jones.” I added the “s” to “chick.” Oh, and thanks for actually spending seven minutes and 24 seconds (not two minutes) on this post while on your fancy lil iPad (Twitterrific) … BOOM!

    BTW, how do people even know about iPads in crappy, almost third-world zones like Rosmead, El Monte and its surrounding areas.

    P.S. I own this site.

  10. Danalicious

    Haha what a hater the lame ass Booby Jones is! This show was SO FUN!

    To the hater: It’s “oy vey” not “oi vey”

  11. Bobbie Jones

    Oi vey. This reads like an eighth grader’s How I Spent My Summer vacation report. I just wasted two minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. “there were some hot chick [sic]…”. Seriously, whose dick did you suck to get your job?

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