Talk about a sweet gig under the sea (well as close as you can get to being under the sea). Last Friday, June 25,  Lemon Sun dazzled the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Night Dive event with their awesome 60s guitar-pop. These guys dress the part and know how to get them floors shaking with their inviting rock ‘n roll. You can’t help but get drawn into their heavy guitar riffs and front-man Rob Kolar’s infectious vocals. They grab you like a blood-sucking leach and incite a rock ‘n roll riot in your soul. Cuttin’ up some groovin’ sounds with Jail Weddings and an awesome selection of hip djs, I bet even the sea creatures were dancing in their tanks to the groovy sounds echoing through out the aquarium.

Check out the photos of Lemon Sun at the Aquarium of the Pacific below!

Words: Sandy B.

Photos: Craig Parker