Sleepy Sun at Spaceland – Photos & Review

In support of their second ATP release “Fever,” San Francisco’s Sleepy Sun graced LA’s Spaceland with their echoing psychedelic blues. With a sound both wild and hazy, Sleepy Sun’s Bret Constantino and Rachel Williams will take you on a dreamy ride with their soft harmonies and lulling vocals. But don’t get too relaxed, the two can summon some serious wailing paired with the ensemble’s heavy guitar riffs and buzzing drums they’ll put in you in the zone with their late 60s inspired psych jams. From wild distortion and reverb to a classic delicate sound, the sextet crafts a unique blues sound masterfully.

In a time where so many indie bands are still riding out that pysch rock, blues wagon — Sleepy Sun stands above the rest. These kids can just straight up fuckin’ jam with pristine vocals while other copy cat bands are just average.

Words: Sandra Burciaga

Photos: Craig Parker

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