I’m not the biggest fan of the Klaxons and from the looks of the crowd reaction at the Echoplex this past Friday, October 8th for Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide Festival, neither were too many of the people in the audience. Although the Klaxons seemed to have played a pretty good show (for that “nu-rave” style and all) the crowd was super mellow. Perhaps they were newbies, or just had it with bands coming on late or maybe as in my case, it just wasn’t their thang. But then again, this particular Culture Collide evening carried a rather boring tone. Everyone seemed tired or just not into the whole night. It was really quite odd.

Stay tuned for our Klaxons photo gallery and review from their Troubadour show. This is coming from one of our staff members who absolutely loves the Klaxons.

Check out our photos of the Klaxons at the Echoplex below!

Words: Sandra Burciaga

Photos: Matt Fisher

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