Porcelain Raft “Gone Blind” EP — Album Review

Gone Blind is a four-track EP that leaves you wanting more…more of the beautifully melodic tracks composed by Mauro Remiddi, the mastermind behind Porcelain Raft. With an already interesting background (he was scoring Italian short films at the age of 20, to reinterpreting classic songs and national anthems at a North Korean festival, to forming Sunny Day Sets Fire in 2007), Remiddi bewitches us all as Porcelain Raft.

“Gone Blind” is a pleasantly gentle tune filled with lots of vibrant pop-inspired elements (the non-radio kid) that’ll make you sway back and forth to its cheerful melodies.

“I Found A Way” has a harder feel to you, striking your eardrums with bit of bass meshed with electro overtones.  The guitar riffs are catchy and carry the entire song, while the distorted vocals are dreamier than they sound. In essence, the entire song is one of those that’ll travel deep into your unconsciousness and come back again at a later time with you humming it out of nowhere.

The delightfully beautiful “Dragonfly” will take you LaLa land with every listen. The mellow track is filled with lots of ooohhhs and awwwss that swoon over the lullaby-like track. I’m a sucker for tunes like this and I’m calling digs on this one as my fave!

The EP ends with “Talk To Me,” which is the hardest track from the EP in terms of the beat. With a hardcore electro back beat, laser-like riffs and synthed-out vocals, it’s both lovely and eerie, making for an interesting contrast. Nonetheless, it’s the most memorable track on the EP; I think it’s the lasers.

In all, Gone Blind, delivers a musical treat in a tiny package. While something is better than nothing, the four-track EP teases with good music and then just leaves us cold and dry. When you find yourself in this state, go back to “I Found A Way” and start all over again until you’ve had your fill.

Words: Kristie Bertucci

Artist: Porcelain Raft
Album: Gone Blind
Label: Acéphale
Release Date: Out Now

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