Old and young alike eagerly crowded the Music Box in Hollywood this past Sunday (March 6, 2011) to dance and trip out to the dream-like music of Morcheeba and The Mumlers. Morcheeba, who headlined the show, attracted fans of all ages and creeds, most of who were obviously tripping out on some form of substance. This isn’t surprising, as Morcheeba more or less translates to “the way of cannabis.” Indeed, the tang of pot smoke circled throughout the room during the entire show, adding to the ambiance of the music in a way that would’ve made the hippies proud.

The night opened up with The Mumlers, a six-piece based out of San Jose, Calif. Their 45-minute set was a powerful display of musicianship, with multiple members switching instruments more than once; indeed, the bassist switched to a deep bongo drum and set of maracas, the saxophone player switched to a clarinet, and the tuba player burst into an impressive keyboard solo that jarred the crowd with the force of a runaway train.

The group’s blend of multi-cultural, traditional, and electronic music made for an interesting listening experience. Each song sounded drastically different, with mariachi, tribal, industrial, rock, and reggae influences permeating through a melting pot of auditory pleasure. The grungy yet melodic crooning of their floppy-haired singer, who swayed and weaved like a drunk trying desperately to stay awake, sounded as though Kurt Cobain had returned and taken a more optimistic approach to music. All in all, The Mumlers got the crowd’s blood surging, with anticipation for Morcheeba running sky-high.

Photography: Ciera Leisenfelder

Words: Jeremy Bigelow

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