I heart Echo Park for the random free music experiences it offers. Today was one of those days. Doing a little writing at my office, (Stories) I received an alert on my phone about an in-store at everyone’s favorite record store, Origami Vinyl. Since I was a block away I decided to treat myself to some spontaneous music adventure and see a band I’ve never heard of. I’m really glad I did. I was shocked and unprepared for what happened. I wasn’t expecting an International act, so that was a pleasant surprise, and I wasn’t expecting them to blow me away, a surprising assault.

The duo Bronto Skylift from Scotland climbed those spiral steps looking like cute hipster boys that I thought were going to douse me in indie rock. I was wrong. Instead I was jolted by some thrash noise death-pop crazy shit. I can’t really even describe it. It’s like an indie band decided to try something new like thrash, but stay the people they are, and not change into that whole image bull shit that goes along with playing that type of music. Am I even making sense here?

I did not go to this show expecting to cover it, as you can probably tell from my phone photography, but after experiencing it I just had to write a little something. It was unusual. Hearing the music online or on the album you might not feel like it’s anything you haven’t heard before, but seeing it live is an experience. The guys play with some serious passion and energy and if you really pay attention it’s actually fairly intricate and catchy. The song that really grabbed my attention was “Cobblepot” with Tool like drum beats, and a guitar riff that sounded like a bass guitar. The drummer is so fast it’s ridiculous, and I don’t see how he can make it through the whole set doing what he does. They closed the show with the song “Wolf” which had me thinking, more people should be in this audience. You can download the song for free here.

The Scotland babes were playing this show in support of their new seven-inch with its’ extremely cute cover art, which you can purchase at Origami. You have one more chance to see them before they head back to Scotland this Monday April 4th at Silverlake Lounge at 8pm sharp  opening for Wake Up Lucid (residency).  Free show, yea!

Words and Phone Photos by Roxanne Hilburn