Jenny and Johnny at the Fox Theater Pomona (April 13, 2011) – Photo Gallery Review

The first time we ever saw the popular indie sweethearts, Jenny and Johnny was at the FILTER Culture Collide Festival back in October. I’ve always been a fan of Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley and I was excited about her latest act, Jenny and Johnny (with her beau, Johnathan Rice). As always, Lewis was adorable with that charming voice of hers, but Johnny, well Johnny was a douche. Not only was he bitching on stage about the sound and insulting the sound guys … um, he walked off. Yeah, the dude stormed off with his poser leather jacket that said “Johnny” on the back. Always make a good first impression right? Well Johnny made a horrible impression on us along with the entire crowd at Culture Collide. So yeah, when I heard Jenny and Johnny were opening for Bright Eyes at the Fox Theater Pomona, I still had a sour taste left in my mouth. Regardless, we love Jenny Lewis! And this show of theirs wasn’t bad at all. It was actually fun and totally engaging. I guess Johnny grew up a little.

Check out the photos below of Jenny and Johnny opening up for Bright Eyes at the Fox Theater Pomona.

Photography by Ivette Orenos

Words by Sandra Burciaga

4 thoughts on “Jenny and Johnny at the Fox Theater Pomona (April 13, 2011) – Photo Gallery Review

  1. Jes Sick Uh

    Do you have the set list for this show?
    She sang a song and in the into she said something like, “this is a song about breaking up”, but it was not “breaking up”. 🙂

  2. Drewtheyours

    Yeah, they suck. The only thing cool about them is the fact that Jenny plays bass. Simple 3 chord songs that don’t sound good. And who the fuck is Johnathan? Thought it was Johnny? Could be that his mom left that comment above.

    GG rocks!

  3. Sandy Post author

    Both. Blogs are supposed to be personal, not your traditional kiss-ass magazine style writing. Glad to hear he’s not a douche, because he sure acted like one last year.

  4. Alnonymous

    Johnathan is the farthest thing from a “douche”. Glad you were able to see them without sound issues the second time around.

    Is this an actual review or a personal blog? I’m hoping the latter…

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