Hot New Music: Explosions In The Sky “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care” – Album Review

It’s no easy feat to create music that has the power to touch souls or bring forth an intense emotion. It’s even more difficult when there are no lyrics present to tell you a story or how you’re supposed to feel. Explosions In The Sky have always had the magnificent ability to affect their listeners in the most surreal and extraordinary of ways. Their fine crafted instrumentation exudes so much life, whether sad or glorious, you can’t help but react to their music. From goosebumps to cries of praise, Explosions bring forth an assortment of internal and external reactions from their fans. There are no words, just blissful almost cathartic symphonies that are left for your own interpretation. What one person may recognize as a somber 10-minute masterpiece, another person may perceive as a blissful, exuberant rendition. Listening to Explosions is like viewing art: you decide what you feel. One thing that is certain amongst all fans however, Explosions is ridiculously phenomenal and will incite some serious emotional release.

After a four-year absence from any new music, Explosions have released yet another riveting masterpiece bursting with a sweet balance of colorful energy and and a dawning sense of tranquility. After spending the past four years with situations that effect everyone’s personal life: marriages, babies, illness, loss and the joy and sadness of every day life, Explosions have transferred all those powerful feelings and emotions into their new album. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care reads like the intimate story of one’s life. If music could be used in place of an obituary, “Take Care” would be a beautiful, compelling score to anyone’s life.

At first listen, Explosions’ new release, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care immediately sends a powerful surge of emotion through your body with their opening track, “Last Know Surroundings.” As with most of their music, the build up and climax with in this track is astounding. It’s so gorgeous, I just about shed a tear. With haunting guitar wales that sound almost like a deep sea creature’s call to her loved ones, the repetitive distortion really sets the tone for a suspenseful song where you’re just dying to hear what they’re going to do next — similarly, setting a most intriguing prelude to the entire LP.

While the opening track “Last Know Surroundings,” is full of climatic suspense, “Human Qualities” proceeds with delicate strings that create an ethereal tone. It’s a calm and collective number who’s streghth is in its lulling nature that slowly transcends into an explosive outré with in its last minute of life. The song title complements the sound structure of the track in which it practically gave it “human qualities.” The first seven minutes were blissful but the song (just as us humans) was only able to take so much. It needed a release and that release came out in the last minute where pounding drums split into the serene environment the guitar strings had created. It was a chaotic but beautiful ending.

“Trembling Hands” is the shortest song on the album coming in at three and half minutes. It’s also the most manic song full of quick guitar chords and pulsating drums. It’s quite the busy number boasting  mass energy and a sense of urgency.

Directly following the rapid hysteria, Explosions transition to a lullaby-like melody with “Be Comfortable, Creature” Similar to the adjective in its title, “Be Comfortable, Creature” is a comforting listen, soothing to the ear and a safe haven from the chaos incited in “Trembling Hands.”

While closing up the album with the twinkling guitar strings of “Postcard From 1952” and the somber beauty of “Let Me Back In,” Explosions have managed to carve a masterpiece out of all the twists and turns life throws at us. As emo as it may sound, this album will bring you to tears as much as it will grant you that feeling of euphoria—basking in a state of pure enjoyment.

Words: Sandra Burciaga


Artist: Explosions In The Sky
Album: Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Label: Temporary Residence
Release Date: April 26, 2011

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