Fela! at the Troubadour – Photos & Show Review – Jan. 13, 2012

The critically acclaimed, Fela! tour came to the intimate West side venue, the Troubadour this past January 13 to celebrate the legacy and muisc of the late-and-great, Fela Kuti. Naturally this intimate theatrical presentation sold-out, but Grimy Goods was lucky to be there and experience such a wonderful evening of talent and love.

Featuring the Fela Band with members of Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra and cast members of the three-time Tony Award winning musical, the evening kicked off with with Antibalas and the participation of a few local topnotch musical guests. When the show commenced, the audience was immediately hypnotized with the sounds of AfroBeat. It was as though a love spell had been cast over them.

The Fela! crew rushed in at the Troubadour after Antibals performance and it was as though the spirit of Fela Kuti took over. It sent chills down my spine as I looked around the room to see mesmerized smiles across everyones face. It was truly a surreal moment of ecstasy. The Fela! dancers were enchangting with their exotic and curvy, glistening bodies producing intoxicating movements that flowed naturally. The high quality of the musicians blended with the superior aesthetics of the dancers. They represented our contemporary Fela queens. Combining their lively grace with the the energy of Sahr Ngaujah (the actor who plays Fela Kuti), Africa was brought to life at the Troubadour.


Photography & Words: Farah Sosa

Click through the photo gallery below for more photos of Fela! at The Troubadour!

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