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The wait is finally over. Crosses’ second EP†† was self released on January 24, 2012 and is now available as a digital download (deluxe download available too!) on their Website. To access the brilliant, even flowing follow up to EP†, click here.

The EP kicks off with “Fron†ier” a track that has Chino Moreno’s voice creeping in on distant drums and eerily evocative synths. The build into the chorus cuts clear through the distance and the sound suddenly erupts into a massive slow motion aural attack. I could literally feel the bass drum through my headphones and in my chest, setting off goosebumps on my arms. Chino’s reverb accented lyrics grasp tight, simultaneously bold and mellow—“I can take you even further, oh yeah I…I let you enter…from this state, we shoot our guns, then we sail off, into the sun.” This song rises and falls in all the right places, leaving me transitioning between slow head bobs and fierce head banging.  I’ve got musical whiplash from listening to this track, it hurts so good.

The synths and pulsating drums of “Prurien†” are instantly catchy and familiar. Listen carefully and you may begin to notice some light similarities to “Drive” by The Cars. The resemblance isn’t much of a coincidence, considering the fact that Deftones did a cover of the 1984 hit with Shaun Lopez (Far, Crosses) on their album Saturday Night Wrist. However, “Prurien†” isn’t a cover.  Chino quickly molds it with vocals that strain and creak with sexual perfection and the guitar solo at the end takes the cake with its epic howl. This is the part where you drop your chonies like it’s hot.  “†elepa†hy” puts the dark wave, disco dance vibe into full effect.  Unbelievably hard-hitting funk bass, hand claps and oozing vocals make for one sultry and sinister track.

The EP rounds out with two solemn and reflective songs. Chino’s vocals ride out an expansive crest of ambient synths, acoustic guitar and lightly throbbing drums on “†rophys” then slowly staggers and swells into an abrupt frenzy of almost maddening horror synth noises and guitar on “1987.”

Crosses thrive in a soundscape that is a refreshing mix of both electronic music and primal rock fervor.  EP † opened the floodgates and EP †† reaffirms that the unique combination of the two can live, breathe and rage in harmony. It’s only February but this EP has already staked its claim on my Top 10 albums of 2012 list.

Crosses just played an incredible sold-out show this past Tuesday, Jan. 31 at the Glass House in Pomona. Stay tuned to Grimy Goods for full show review, live video and photo gallery.

Review by Emily Saex












Artist: Crosses
Album: EP ††
Record Label: Self Released
Release Date: January 24, 2012

To listen to/share Crosses’ “Prurien†” click here.

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