Rebirth Brass Band at the Echoplex – Photos – Feb. 12, 2012

The Grammy-winning Rebirth Brass Band brought their sweet sounds of New Orleans to L.A. when they headlined the Echoplex last Sunday, February 12. Rebirth Brass Band has been bringing the funk for over 25 years and the party at the Echoplex was full of vibrant good vibes. The big ensemble bustled with life and were fresh with a contemporary feel and look to them. Amazing stage presence!

Check out the photos of Rebirth Brass Band below!

Photography: Farah Sosa

Click through the photo gallery below for some more spectacular photos of Rebirth Brass Band!


One thought on “Rebirth Brass Band at the Echoplex – Photos – Feb. 12, 2012

  1. Judy Harris

    I’m recovering from a heck of a good time after witnessing Leo “Bud” & Rebirth Brass Band @the Echoplex♡ The ambiance was great and the energy in the room was intoxicating! No band can “Move Your Body” like New Orleans own Rebirth Brass Band! Oooooooooweeeeeeee!!!

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