Cults with Spectrals at the Music Box – Photos & Show Review – Mar. 22, 2012

Cults just headlined the newly re-opened Music Box this past Thursday, March 22. Now that the kids have a few more tour notches on their belt, they really owned up to their chops and charm at this show. The last time we covered Cults, back in July at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock, the band kicked off to a slow start but shimmered in the end. This show at the Music Box was all shimmer and shine. They did a fantastic job and really engaged the crowd with their adoring indie pop tunes (especially with their last song when Best Coast’s,  Bethany joined them). Aside from Cults’ flirty and fun performance, the sound at the Fonda during Cults’ performance was not up to par.

We also got some great shots of opening act, Spectrals. This young ginger from England (Louise Jones), was a delicious lil opening treat. He’s barely 22 with a gentle baby face to melt hearts. Surprisingly, the sound for Spectrals was pretty great. We don’t know why it didn’t sound the same for Cults …  Although Spectrals put on a great performance, you can tell they were a bit shy and timid. But it didn’t matter. It all added to their genuine-sleepy-vibe, which was quite endearing.

Check out the photos below of Cults and Spectrals!

Photography: Monique Hernandez



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