For those of you that missed Crosses (†††) spectacular, SOLD-OUT show at the Glass House on Jan. 31, you were able to redeem yourself last week for a very intimate Satellite performance. Were you there? Crosses, the side project of  Deftones’, Chino Moreno and Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and Chuck Doom put on quite the interesting show at the popular Silver Lake venue.

I can honestly say, their Glass House show was better. However, a few fans who attended both enjoyed the Satellite show more. I have no idea why. Perhaps, they enjoyed Chino’s slurred words or candid humor when he took swigs off some random chick’s flask. Or maybe they preferred the small venue where you were so close to the stage you can feel drops of Chino’s sweat. One thing for sure, Chino was saucy. He was so tipsy that he must have tipped over during encore because after taking a bow and rising, you can see blood dripping down his forehead (scroll down to see photo). I guess the dueling Crosses and Deftones frontman miscalculated the stage and hit his dome pretty hard. Regardless, the show was still pretty damn good. A lot of my friends who didn’t attend their Glass House debut show were impressed with Crosses’ Satellite performance. But then again, they didn’t have the epic radness that we witnessed prior to compare.

With a set up of trippy lights that made you feel like you were at Studio 54, Crosses really had some great laser lights going which made the ethereal yet puslating electro beats all the more magical. Fueled with the intensity of Chino’s throaty roars, Crosses blasted through a good hour-plus of emotive songs encompassing all the tracks on their two EPs (and then some). It was hot, steamy and sexy. Even drunk, you can’t deny that Chino is a smooth operator and can move. The man’s got some serious swagger. Pair that with his sexy vocals that made the ladies melt as men stared in envy and you have yourself a hot show where I’m sure all couples in attendance went home and had a steamy night under the sheets. Fans were very excited to witness one of their favorite musicians live in such a small venue that housed maybe 300 people. Drunk, bloody or whatever—Crosses still managed to put on a pretty rad show. You can view photos from this show in the gallery below.

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Photography: Dominoe Farris-Gilbert

Words: Sandra Burciaga