Crystal Fighters with Is Tropical & Gothic Tropic at Echoplex – Photos Review – June 4, 2012

Last week’s Check Yo Ponytail was off the hook! Headlining the evening’s show were the Crystal Fighters from Spain. They were amazing and beautiful to watch on stage with their high energy and attractive looks. They put on one-hell-of a bass-bumping-booty-humping dance party! Opening up for Crystal Fighters were L.A.’s diverse Echo Park trio, Gothic Tropic. These kids always bring on the good weirdness with warped noise, crashing cymbals, chunky guitar riffs and lovely melodies. They’re always an interesting mix of sounds—never boring. Also supporting the Crystal Fighters were, Is Tropical! These boy are hot and they know how to make you dance with their beat-driven, electro pop.

Photography: Monique Hernandez




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