Upon arriving to the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs show at the Echoplex on Thursday, August 9, the haze filled room was already beginning to sway with bobbing heads and swift feet.  Aussie DJ, Anna Lunoe, was laying down a soulful, lyric laden mix that was bass heavy, but pleasantly so, with touches of r&b and pop.  The brunette bombshell’s side-step bouncing throughout the whole set was infectious — perfectly matched for a crowd that easily followed her lead.

Next up was RL Grime who immediately bumped it up a mighty notch, instigating an entire dance floor revolution with even more bass and epic beat drops.  The blend of grimy, hip-hop, lush electronic sweeps and buoyant water drop effects paired up nicely with songs such as “Birthday Song” by 2Chainz and “What’s Your Fantasy” by Ludacris, catching on like wildfire with the sweating crowd.  He seemed to lose a little direction in the middle of the set but quickly recovered with that bass-centric style that got all hands up in the air and a barrage of shoutouts.

The dance floor revolution only picked up more steam when Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (aka Orlando Higginbottom) hit the stage.  The lanky, unimposing Brit came out in his signature, adorned, blue dinosaur bodysuit and laid out one of the finest, electronic music dance sets I’ve ever witnessed – it was electro indie-pop, disco-funk-heaven.  Each song was tight, focused, with smooth-as-buttah transitions – a fine flow of jams that were easy to groove to and get lost in.  His soft-spoken, light and airy singing accentuated a steady stream of crowd pleasers such as, “Stronger,” “Garden,” and “Household Goods” off of his killer 2012 album release, Trouble.

In the middle of the set TEED addressed the enthused, but camera phone toting crowd, “I know you guys like your camera phones but don’t forget about your feet.  How you doin’ L.A.?”  The crowd roared back in agreement with applause and phones went down and hands came back up.  He then threw in some dope remixes, such as, Fur Coats’ “Space Ballad” where he sang “Tonight will be a hell of a party” which couldn’t be more true as crowd surfers cruised on the sea of hands, confetti  drops drew pumping fists and everyone truly gave in to their TEED dance addiction.

Words: Emily Saex

Photography: Monique Hernandez


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