FYF kicks off tomorrow! Are you ready? We certainly are. If you’re new to FYF or just forgetful, below are some helpful tips to make the most out of yours and everyone’s FYF experience.

  • Wear sunblock and plenty of it. There isn’t much shade in the L.A. Historic Park and while you’re at it, bring your hipster repellent — the place will be crawling with them.
  • Be sure to wear deodorant so you’re not stinky like all the punks that will be in the pit for American Nightmare and Refused. Everyone’s bodies are different and some emit more horrendous stench than others, but if you can curb the level of rotten onion steaming out of your pits, please do so.
  • Bring a small pack of tissues in your bag/purse! You will thank us later when you’re tp-less in a dark, dank porter-potty,  or when your allergies strike (FYF is in a park after all), or if you you get scraped up in the American Nightmare pit.
  • Leave the cute shoes at home. They don’t stand a chance against the dust and crowd. Plus, everyone will hate you if you crowd surf in stilettos. But if you’re wearing heels to FYF, you best believe you’ll be gracing our Hot vs Not page with a caption poking fun at you.
  • Don’t be a fuckin’ slob. There are trash cans, recycling and compost bins set up for a reason. Do your part and keep things clean so no one sits on a paper plate soaked in ketchup.
  • Drink plenty of water! Especially if you’re planning to get sauced. If you don’t hydrate, you’ll end up looking like this dude! Chances are if this happens to you, someone WILL snap a photo and blast you on the Interwebs and Instagram (and that someone is probably us).
  • Double up on your allergy meds and/or bring a hanky to cover your mouth and nose from pit and foot-traffic dust. Regardless, expect hard dust boogers lodged in your nose all weekend.
  • Don’t be a dick. If someone falls in the pit, help ’em up. If you find a purse with money in it, return it to lost-and-found in the same condition as you found it. And don’t be an uptight L.A. stereo-type — it’s okay to smile and say “hello.”
  • Take the train! It’s running until 2 a.m. and yes it will be a clusterfuck, but a fun one. And best of all, you won’t be drinking and driving. More info, here.
  • Dress for warm weather! The more skin the better. Don’t even bother bringing a jacket for night time — it has been far too humid the past few days.
  • Last, but certainly not least — HAVE FUCKIN FUN, after all, it is FUCK YEAH FEST.
Words of wisdom: Wei Shi, Emily Saex and Sandy B.

What’s your FYF tip? Leave a comment below if we missed anything!