Chicago sibling-duo Wild Belle are making their way to Los Angeles, Echo Park to be exact with a headlining show at the Echo on Monday, Nov. 26. The breezy duo are easy on they eyes and even smoother on the soul. Composed of Natalie and Elliot Bergman, the band evoke that classic radiance of yesteryear with their  psychedelic-soul jams, blistering with retro jazz, reggae and r&B flavor.

Sounds like: the spirit of the 70s underground music scene. Wild Belle are super cool vibes and sound like the lovechild spawned from a musical orgy of rocksteady greats The Gaylads, 60s Aretha Franklin and modern day indie such as Metric and Dirty Projectors.

Why we like them: Wild Belle are fresh and create sultry music sure to make babies and get bodies moving on the dance floor. They’re fusing classic reggae and r&b with modern indie-electro and it sounds amazing.

Best songs: “Keep You” is a sexy number with jazz horns where Natalie’s sultry vocals get stuck in your head like a fly on honey. Alternately, “It’s Too Late” is a flirty electro diddy heavy with Jamaican influence — it’s a fun track to dance along closely with someone you wouldn’t mind kissing.

Three words to describe them: sexy – classic – catchy

Upcoming releases: Their debut album Isles is out early next year (2012) on Columbia.

Upcoming L.A. show dates: Monday, Nov. 26 at the Echo – Buy your tickets or enter of giveaway for a free pair!

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