Coachella 2013 Line Up

After teasing us with an artsy video (Bloom), the moment you have been waiting for is finally here! The Coachella 2013 line-up has been announced and will take place April 12 – 14 and April 19 – 21 — two weekends of music, once again.

Were those Rolling Stones rumors, really just rumors or will they be a surprise headlining add for Saturday? We all know Phoenix can’t possibly be the Saturday headliner, and we wouldn’t put it pass those cleverly teasing Coachella cats to add a a few more amazing performers. Perhaps, the Stones, Daft Punk or Justin Timberlake? Who knows, but expect some pleasant surprises. The line-up is looking a little thin and Coachella did Tweet the following; FIRST! @Coachella 2013 lineup –” We don’t think they were trying to get firsties on their own event by adding the word “FIRST!” to their Tweet. We think they’re going to slowly add some additional performers to that line-up poster. Who do you hope they add?

Check out the Coachella 2o13 line-up below! Who are you most excited to see? Let us know in a comment below!

Click the Coachella poster to go Big!

Coachella 2013 line up poster official

5 thoughts on “Coachella 2013 Line Up

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  2. Eric

    Sorry Grimy but you’re wrong about this. Phoenix IS the Saturday headliner. They have just as many radio hits as Kings of Leon had, they’re releasing their 5th album. Their set in 2010 was PACKED.

    There might be some late adds, but GV was literally just saying “First” as a joke because they know how many people repost the poster seconds after.

    And Coachella tweeted this picture last night, clearing showing the “rolling stone” on the field was a POLO BALL on a POLO FIELD.

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