The Rolling Stones Coachella

*UPDATE  – The Rolling Stones are not playing Coachella, reports Rolling Stone. A source close to the band confirms they will not headline the Indio, California festival. Well this sucks. Perhaps the Stones gigantic booking fee that is said to be over four million was never met. Or maybe the festival’s audience dynamics would have been skewed seeing that tons of Baby Boomers (including my Pops) would buy a 3-day Coachella pass only to attend the day the Stones were headlining. Or this could all be yet another rumor to get are hopes down, only to skyrocket them high up once they are announced on the official Coachella line-up. Only time will tell, but our sources tell us we can expect an arena-sized show date for the Rolling Stones to headline in Los Angeles.


The Coachella 2013 line-up announcement is just around the corner. As the suspense and rumors torture Coachella fans, one rumor that has received heavy attention (and wishful thinking) is that of the Rolling Stones headlining Coachella 2013. Is this rumor true? Remember all the positive David Bowie rumors, years past (although this year Bowie to headline Coachella would make more sense) and he disappointingly was never on the bill? No Coachella rumor has been stronger than the Rolling Stones. We don’t think it’s a rumor. After some thorough online research, we believe the Rolling Stones WILL headline Coachella 2013 and below are our reasons to support this theory:

1. Rolling Stone iPhone App – On Dec. 14, 2012 the Rolling Stones iPhone app had Coachella listed as one of their scheduled tour dates. You can check out a screenshot of the listing, here. Naturally, once the news went viral—the Coachella calendar listing was removed from the Rolling Stones’ app.

2. Coachella Teaser Photo – On Jan. 3, 2013 Coachella‘s Facebook page posted this photo with a caption that read, “Happy New Years! We’re excited, hope you are too!” Many of us thought this image was just a golf ball on the Indio polo fields, but after looking closely, it looked more like a stone on the polo field; perhaps a stone that was once “rolling” along the polo field??? Oh, you clever Coachella teasers you ….

3. New Album – Even through their old and weathered age, the Stones managed to cut another record this year (compilation album): GRRR! Greatest HitsTo celebrate the new album, they headlined a performance in New York. Wouldn’t you reckon they’d celebrate what may be their final release by headlining the best musical festival in the world?

4. Good Ole Keith – Keith is practically an immortal. How and why this rock legend is still alive, is an enigma (but we sure are glad). Like a cat, we believe Keith has nine lives, and this may be his final run. Naturally, playing a double-header as part of Coachella‘s two weekends of  music would make sense. Go out with a bang, right?

5. Bowie – David Bowie has a new album underway, he released a new single, a new video, and has  a new Website. There’s even tour rumors (and Coachella rumors) of Bowie hitting the big stage again for a final hurrah. If Bowie could surprise us with new material, can’t the Stones surprise us with a headlining spot at Coachella? We definitely can’t have both, and due to health issues, Bowie is definitely out of the question for Coachella. So that leaves us with the Stones.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Rolling Stones will play Coachella? Do you care? Who do you want to play Coachella 2013?


Rolling Stones at Coachella