The Orwells with Criminal Hygiene and Gap Dream – Photos & Show Review

The Orwells dominated the Echo on February 22nd, with help from Criminal Hygiene and Gap Dream. When I first arrived at the show there were so many young people there. Some crowd members were talking about needing a fake ID for an eighteen and over show. It honestly felt like hipster prom. When Criminal Hygiene went on, all hell broke loose and an ocean of people started moshing and pushing each other and myself. Things slowed down during Gap Dream’s performance, which was much more tame, but impressive nonetheless.

The Orwells’ performance however, is another story. The once calm ocean of people became a intense frenzy of people trying to touch their singer and get on stage. One fan was crowd surfing and got on the stage around three times within five minutes. Needless to say it was nuts. The Orwells’ stole the frenetic sold-out show. After the show was over I could see why all these young kids were here. They came for loud and fun music, and they were rewarded tenfold.

Be sure to check the photo gallery below!

Photos by Ryan Bussard

 The Orwells

Criminal Hygiene

Gap Dream

11 thoughts on “The Orwells with Criminal Hygiene and Gap Dream – Photos & Show Review

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  8. Sandy Post author

    @Eric – That’s rad! We dig our baby boy punks. These kids shred in classic punk style. Thanks for the awesome comment!

  9. Eric Kolkey

    The Orwells are the greatest band since The Stooges. I am not a young pup. I am 52 years old and I have seen many concerts. I was a promoter and ran tours from 77 to 84 and worked with all of the punk/new wave bands: Ramones, Iggy Pop, Talking Heads, The Damned, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, etc. I know greatness and The Orwells are BEYOND great!! Thank you for the review!

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