Album Stream – Savages “Silence Yourself”


Album Stream- Savages Silence Yourself

This is probably our favorite band to come-up in 2013: Savages. The post-punk goddesses have shared and entire album stream to their new album, Silence Yourself. We highly suggest you go listen to it now and pre-order the album so you can have it on its May 7 release date off Matador.

From our Savages show review at the Echo:

The four-piece female-led musicians known as Savages quenched my thirst for a masterful performance that would blow my mind. Clad in black, with pixie cuts and Flock of Seaguls bangs, these ladies invited you into their dark post-punk garage. Resembling a young Winona Ryder, when she rocked that adorable pixie ‘do — leading lady, Jehnny Beth confidently owned that stage like a woman proudly owning her first pair of Alexander McQueen stiletto boots. Entrancing the crowd before her with her heavily influenced Siouxsie and the Banshees style, there is also an element of Pati Smith to Jehnny’s swagger. Her confidence, her I-dont-give-a-fuck attitude, and her ability to tell a story even through all the enticing and powerful instrumentals, which you can easily get lost in — totally have the characteristics of the “Godmother of punk.”

Click here to read the rest of the review and view some amazing live photos of Savages at the Echo!

Below you can listend to the album stream – Savages “Silence Yourself”

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