L.A. Fashion Tastemakers: An Interview with Kittinhawk

Allysun Maria Dutra Kittinhawk

Allysun Maria Dutra, aka Kittinhawk

When Grimy Goods asked up-and-coming couture and jewelry designer, Allysun Maria Dutra (aka Kittinhawk) to describe her work in a mere three words, her reply was: “Crystalline, black and future-wave.” With her homeland of Italy, there is a dark Gothic Italian presence through Kittinhawk’s catalog of remarkable and one-of-a-kind apparel and jewelry. No two pieces are alike, and KittinHawk’s work shines with idolatry towards gods, the pyramids, and the seven wonders of the world. Although intimidating in the mystique of her craftsmanship, there is a loving and magical element in the pieces she creates. Buyers of Kittinhawk’s designs can take pride in knowing that their purchase is exclusive. Most of Kittinhawk’s fashion are by appointment only — not to mention, with prices ranging from $80 to $10,000 — without doubt, those that wear Kittinhawk upon their limbs are feeling extra special to wear such premier fashion.

In 2007, inspired by the electricity of San Francisco, the D.I.Y. art scene, and the music — Kittinhawk began to make her own clothes by hand from recycled vintage garbs. Over time, random people on the street, or at one of the many underground art galleries she curated, would stop her and ask where she got her dress. It was at this point where the money sign lit up over her head and she was able to make an income off her stunning creations, work she loved to do.

Obsessed with ancient art forms, reliefs and architecture, and tools and sculptures — it was never other designers that inspired Kittinhawk’s work. In fact, it was never fashion magazines, nor current trends and gimmicks — it was the things she loved and the amazing creative people she was surrounded by; “there was community, support and love everywhere, and I’m proud to have my artistic beginnings in San Francisco.”

Born “fabulous,” as the innovative spawn of parents that were both artists — and mind you, no fashion faux pas ever — Kittinhawk has been featured in Nylon, Vogue, Flaunt, WWD, Apparel News, and more. She recently deigned a gorgeous costume for Deap Valley (a Grimy Goods local favorite who we recently did a fashion interview with) that was just in the NY Times’ style section. There is definitely something magical about Kittinhawk and we’re pretty sure this passionate and brilliant designer will prove to foresee her successful future “in mansions and Benz’s, givin ends to my friends and it feels stupendous,” (quoting Biggie).

“In the future, I would like to settle over seas, finding a business partner and moving to either my homeland of Italy, the Harajuku area of Japan, or Stockholm Sweden and opening the next best thing in fashion: an art gallery of high-end one-of-a-kind work displayed as art … Nothing will be manufactured, and the clothing with be shown alongside films and art pieces. It will be a place of love and dedication to originality. Fuck what you know, factory made is over — the future is now — fashion as art.”

So how about Allysun’s taste in music, and how music meets fashion? From Notorious BIG to Black Sabbath, and local acts such as Deap Vally and Raw Geronimo — naturally, Miss Kittinhawk has some great taste in music, and we’ll share that tomorrow when we explore all things music with Kittinhawk. Stay tuned …

Words / Interview: Sandra Burciaga

Connect with Kittinhawk:

Take a look at our photo gallery below of some of Kittinhawk’s gorgeous designs (warning, there are some exposed nipples — so don’t look at this on your work computer).

12 thoughts on “L.A. Fashion Tastemakers: An Interview with Kittinhawk

  1. May Kan

    I’m dying to win a pair of Kittinhawk Radial Earrings b/c they are so fashion forward and spunky! xoxo

    Twitter follower @may_xo

  2. Evan Ruiz

    Kittinhawk’s line reflects her inspiration: creative, unique, and beautiful. Her jewelry is the work of an artist.

  3. Amanda

    HELLOOO FABULOUS! Allysun’s pieces are so hot. Fierce, sexy, and chic all at once — Kittinhawk is an LA girl’s dream come true! I’d rock these so hard 🙂

  4. Lalena Janke

    Kittinhawk is so fierce and bold. The pieces in the collection make a statement and are a beautiful addition to any outfit.

  5. Hannah Boyd

    I love this designer and would love to win the pair of radial earrings because I have no earrings, but I love dangly ones. I really enjoy the dark ethereal fashion photography that Kittinhawk uses to advertise it’s products, it’s a perfect fusion of art and fashion. Beautiful work.

  6. Molly Landau

    I want to win this pair of kittenhawk earrings because I love the radial sun imagery, I love supporting local artists, and I think the jewelry and style passes of being sexy and earthy at the same time!

  7. Vanessa

    This jewelry is so beautiful and unique — I love her fusion of gothic and futuristic style. I’d love to win a pair of Kittinhawk Radial Earrings for those times I need to add a little edge to my style.

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