What L.A. Coachella Performers are Wearing to Coachealla this Year!

We’re two weeks away from Coachella and the excitement is heavily brewing. We spoke with a few Los Angeles Coachella performers about what they will be wearing this year at Coachella. All  three Coachella performers; IO ECHO, White Arrows and Deap Vally had some very functional and fashionable apparel ideas.  Check out what they’re wearing below and do not miss their Coachella performances!

IO ECHO – Ioanna Gika

IO ECHO Photo from Jalouse Magazine

I was fortunate enough recently to have a beautiful hologram kimono made for me by Jeremy Scott. My mother used to live and travel in the far East, as did I with her, and our new album, Ministry of Love, is largely influenced by that experience. I collect kimonos, and have for years. The piece in the photo is the one that Jeremy made for me. I also have found them in vintage shops in different countries, I have a few passed down from my grandmother, and my Japanese friends have given me kimonos as well. I feel fortunate to be able to add these to my collection. To literally wear people’s generosity is humbling. I feel grateful, and hope to always to be mindful, and to pass it on.

IO ECHO perform both Fridays this year at Coachella.


White Arrows – Mickey Church

FAshion at Coachella Mickey Church of White Arrows

The companies that we fuck with that have been supportive to us, and who’s clothes we would wear regardless; even if it’s just their weed print socks — are The Hundreds, Huf, n GG$. Our friend Brittany Belz has also offered to make us some custom things. We don’t really plan that far in advance for fashion, but my advice for da “fashUN” people at coachella is two be functional — which is fashion to me. Get some Under Armour Dri Fit’s wit some neon sleeves n some vents in your arm pits. And maybe some desert camo? Or I just might wear this

White Arrows perform both Sundays this year at Coachella.

Deap Vally: Lindsey Troy

Coachella fashion Lindsey Troy of Deap Vally


This hand-made top by Michelle Rose is perfect for Coachella because it is badass, sexy and I won’t be over-heating in it. And what’s cooler than supporting local designers?

I’ve been seen sporting many a pair of Bambi & Manson cut-offs on stage. This pair is rad — I love the detail on the pockets. Another Coachella-friendly garment to keep cool in.

Another L.A. designer, Kittinhawk, designs and handcrafts some of the most beautiful and bold jewelry I have ever seen. Here’s a necklace you will see me wearing.

Deap Vally perform both Sundays this year at Coachella.


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