Coachella 2015 photos

It’s that time of season, we’re not talking about spring—we’re talking about Coachella! Where everyone from the true music fans, to the novelties, all the way to the celebrities—travel from all over the globe just to experience the crème de la crème of music festivals. While music is the ultimate attraction at Coachella, the fashion and people watching can be quite entertaining as well.

Below are 5 Things You Should NOT Wear at Coachella:

  • HEELS – Ladies, we know you want to look all hot and sexy as you sweat in the dry Coachella heat, but wearing heels in a major NO-NO. Aside from getting your heels stuck in the lush Empire Polo Fields, you’ll just look straight up stupid—like a tryhard. Worse yet, you may injure somebody with those spikes. In 2005 some lame high-heeled chick stepped on my big toe. Although I was drunk, the pain was extreme and I lost half a toenail. True story. ~ Sandy
  • ALL BLACK – We get it you’re goth, or hipster goth, or think you’re a witch. Unless your all black ensemble consists of a tiny sundress and calf length boots, or a bikini top and shorts, you’re gonna melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. Save your black cloak for the evening and stick it in a locker during the day. ~Sandy
  • FLIP FLOPS – Okay, we know it’s hot and feels like summer weather, why wouldn’t flip-flops be perfect for Coachella? Let us tell you; have you passed by the Do Lab at Coachella? All them Burning Man hippies spray water hoses across their land and your feet get nasty! Not to mention your feet WILL be making contact with all the porta-potty gnar on the floor, and then we have endless beer spills causing sticky-feet-syndrome. The nasty-flip-flop-feet-at-Coachella-list is endless. ~ Emily 
  • TIGHTS – Unless you’re pulling them out or your locker or backpack for the evening, this is NOT OKAY during the day. Not only will you be stewing in your own crotch for three days, by the time you can’t take it anymore and decide to pull them off in a shitty porta-potty you’ll have already peed yourself or worse yet, slipped in someone else’s urine while trying to maneuver these now latex-like tights off your body. ~ June
  • BABIES – They’re loud, they cry, they have runny noses and they just don’t belong at Coachella. No one feels comfortable at Coachella when there’s a small toddler right next to them as they dip into their bag of mushrooms or have to watch their step while dancing because they might step on a kid. So please, leave the Baby Bjorn  and hipster scarf to wrap your baby in it at home. Don’t wear your babies to Coachella!

What else should not be worn at Coachella? Give us your two cents in a comment below!