The sexy, blues-rockin’ lady duo, Deap Vally — played a fun pre New Year’s Eve set this past Friday, Dec. 30 at  the Bootleg Bar. Far from your typical “valley girls,” the duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist, Lindsey Troy and drummer, Julie Edwards — are foot-stompin’, denim-wearing, head-bangin’ babes that know how to rock and roll. Heavy on the 70s rock influences in the likes of Zeppelin, Troy sure has a gangsta-ass blues howl. The little blonde bombshell has some seriously soulful pipes flowing out of her. Don’t believe us, listen for yourself here. Edwards who you may also know as “Heisenflei,” the foxy drummer of the Pity Party — handles her kit with style and isn’t’ afraid to go full-throttle. We’ve been a fan of her drums skills for a while and she made it on our Top 10 Hottest Female Indie Drummers list in 2010. With her flowing red locks and sexy style behind those skins, she surely stands out in the best of ways.

We covered Deap Vally a couple times already at both the L.A. Lobster Fest and the Tom Tom Magazine Party, but the girls really seemed to have honed up to their chops at this Bootleg show. A lot of people were impressed with their enticing stage presence and gritty rock vibes. They’re almost like a female Black Keys.

Deap Vally have an upcoming show at the Echo with La Sera on Thursday, Jan. 12. We highly recommend you check these ladies out.

Take a look at the photos below of Deap Vally at the Bootleg Bar.

Photography: Dominoe Farris-Gilbert