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Hot Band Alert: Sharkmuffin — these ladies deliver a punk punch in the gut that hurts so good

From Brooklyn, punk-garage-pop trio Sharkmuffin are something fierce, not to mention fearless — and you need to listen to their music right now. The all-female band are not afraid to scream and be loud and still manage to find a balance with catchy but not cookie-cutter, solid song structures with sticky lyrics that get stuck-in-your head. […]

Deap Vally at the Bootleg Bar – Photos & Review – Dec. 30, 2011

The sexy, blues-rockin’ lady duo, Deap Vally — played a fun pre New Year’s Eve set this past Friday, Dec. 30 at  the Bootleg Bar. Far from your typical “valley girls,” the duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist, Lindsey Troy and drummer, Julie Edwards — are foot-stompin’, denim-wearing, head-bangin’ babes that know how to rock and roll. Heavy on the 70s […]

Grimy Goods Presents the Ettes at the Echo – Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011

If you have yet to listen to the rad Nashville threesome know as The Ettes, you need to get aboard their show at The Echo on Thursday, August 25. They will be supported by Hans Condor and Tulsa Skull Swingers. We’ve been a fan of The Ettes for a few years now and every time […]

New Screaming Females Video: “I Don’t Mind it” and FREE MP3 Download

Not too much thrashin’ and “screaming” going on in the new Screaming Females video “I Don’t Mind It.” Regardless, it’s a pretty sweet tune with a catchy melody and funky artwork through out. Check out the video for yourself below and download the FREE mp3 for “I Don’t Mind It” while you’re at it! Free […]

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“Release Me” by The Like – Album Review

With the digital music revolution and crate digging at an all-time high, it is safe to say that almost any new band is derivative. In fact, it is probably safe to argue that all music is derivative in nature, but there is a not-so-fine-line between derivative and a straight cop. The latter rarely being successful […]

The Best Female Fronted Bands

The power of the noni, and I ain’t talkin’ about that acai berry knock off (although it’s pretty damn good), I’m talking about women! There’s some bad ass chicks that just fuckin rock and own the crowd before them. From way back in the 60’s to today’s queens of rock, both men and women alike […]

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