Hot Band Alert: Sharkmuffin — these ladies deliver a punk punch in the gut that hurts so good

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From Brooklyn, punk-garage-pop trio Sharkmuffin are something fierce, not to mention fearless — and you need to listen to their music right now. The all-female band are not afraid to scream and be loud and still manage to find a balance with catchy but not cookie-cutter, solid song structures with sticky lyrics that get stuck-in-your head. With every song, we are reminded that we don’t need to be cornered into being reserved and polite and caring about what others thinks, we can have fun and let loose in the true spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Why We Like Them:  Sharkmuffin breathe new life into the echoes of the punk, garage, and riot grrrl sounds of yesteryear. Just when you thought the indie music world was lacking grit and energy, Sharkmuffin is there, lighting a fire under our asses to get us moving — and what’s not to like about that.

Best Songs: I would consider every song on their 1097 EP a best song but opening track “Foul Play” is exactly the punk punch in the gut that hurts so good. With its hard driving drums, sick guitar hooks, fuzz bass and eerily satisfying theremin — it will no doubt be ringing in your head for days. When vocalist Tarra Thiessen cries out with ‘Woo oos‘ all I wanna do is call out with her. “The Lake” off The Lake/Big 7″ is a strong, clean cut, power-pop number about a friend’s addiction that really tugs at the heart strings with a hint of both sadness and hope.

Three Words to Describe Them: Fierce — Punchy — Real

Upcoming / Recent Releases:  Sharkmuffin’s most recent release is their 1097 EP 7″ (October 2013, Dazzleship Records) featuring four seriously rad tracks, including the aforementioned, “Foul Play.”  Their Spring 2013 releases, She-Gods of Champagne Valley EP and The Lake/Big 7″ also pack a hell of a punch and you can visit their Website here to stream and here to purchase.

Interesting Tidbit:  Per Tarra Thiessen (vocalist/guitarist/theremin/pocket piano) the most interesting thing about the name Sharkmuffin is what the urban dictionary definition of a Sharkmuffin could be: a really sassy lady who plays pool really well, or just an intelligent female business woman.  She also notes that she considers Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks and Scully from the X-files total Sharkmuffins. In my opinion — Sharkmuffin the band — easily melds into this definition, as they are one sassy group of rock ‘n’ roll ladies who exude the best in punk and garage rock.

Shark muffin are releasing the video for “Quarter Machine” this month, and they’re currently working on a music video for the entire 1097 EP, which will be released in March. They plan to release their first full-length record some time after their trip to SXSW. Stay tuned for details on an upcoming L.A. show in mid-February, but in the meantime, stream Sharkmuffin’s EPs below!

Upcoming Los Angeles Show: Sharkmuffin hit L.A. on Sunday, Feb. 16 at the Satellite and Grimy Goods is presenting! This is President’s Day Weekend so that means no work on Monday. Get ready to party! Sharkmuffin is performing with local L.A. bands Washing Machines and Wax Children. Get your tickets here!

Words: Emily Saex

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