The power of the noni, and I ain’t talkin’ about that acai berry knock off (although it’s pretty damn good), I’m talking about women! There’s some bad ass chicks that just fuckin rock and own the crowd before them. From way back in the 60’s to today’s queens of rock, both men and women alike appreciate the music that these v-cards put out.

So I came by this post on IGN, “7 Female-Fronted Rock Bands That Kick Butt.” Granted they got brownie points for Big Brother and the Holding Company (although they don’t make my top), the band that brought Joplin into the light, along with Blondie and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs,-but other than that, blah: and why 7?

Here’s my top ten female fronted bands that kick ass (in no particular order):

(no solo artists, otherwise Mrs. Smith would be in there)

Jefferson Airplane (when Grace Slick fronted 1966–1974)


The Sounds

The Kills

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Distillers

The Runaways


Siouxsie and the Banshees

Sahara Hot Nights