Top 10 Hottest Female Indie Drummers

There’s nothing hotter than a sexy female drummer bangin’ some skins behind a buzzing drum kit. Well, female bassists are pretty hot too but we’ll leave that for another top 10 list. We asked our staff and a few of our fellow music snobs who they think are the hottest female indie drummers. And by “hot” we mean both visually and aurally. The girl’s gotta rock the drums while looking sexy-as-fuck doing it!

Grimy Goods Top 10 Female Indie Drummers

10. Heisenflei The Pity Party (LA)

9. Leah ShapiroBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club (SF/LA)

8. Sarah Chernoff (aka Mimi Malone) – The Franks (LA)

7. Carla AzarAutolux (LA)

6. Kim SchifinoMatt & Kim (NY)

5. Suzanne “Honey” PagliorolaThe Vandelles (NY)

4. Akiko MatsuuraThe Big Pink (UK)

3. Hannah BlilieGossip (Portland)

2. Janet Weiss – Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, etc. (Portland)

1. Maria “Poni” SilverThe Ettes (Nashville)

Who’s your favorite female indie drummer? Signed or unsigned, we want to know!

30 thoughts on “Top 10 Hottest Female Indie Drummers

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  2. Paul

    Stella Mozgawa in place of Carla Azar I would say,

    Drumming is one of the talents of Katzenjammer’s very own “swaeary mary” Solveig Heilo

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  5. Sandy Post author

    Hi, Ray or whatever your name is (Internet troll) you really need some help. Don’t be jealous. You just might be as attractive and cool like us one day. Tootles!

  6. William

    Uh oh Sandy, this lil poser is a Pitchdork follower. Hey Ray, if this Blog sucks so much, which it obviously doesn’t, why do you check it so often? Your ip is all over the analytics. You left that hateful comment a back in June, while promoting Stone Darling. I feel sorry for those girls having someone like you making them look even more bad and now desperate for having someone troll around blogs dissing anyone that puts them down. Get a fucking life.

    We think you’re the hater. And your imaginary girlfriend (that happens to use the same fake email as you), Jane, that’s cute. Keep your fat ass trolling in your room loser. We know you’re not cool and we know you don’t have any friends. And I’ve told Sandy a lot about you all from your ip already, “Ray.”

  7. ray

    the ettes drummer is awesome! and so is barbara gruska who played with jenny lewis…barbara has the best feel of anyone i’ve seen in the “indie” scene. and by the way “sandy” your blog sucks. and for the record, anyone who’s a snob of anything wouldn’t name their blog something as stupid as “grimy goods” keep writing reviews for the masses and the oc kids that attend the warped tour. maybe one day you’ll loose your fat ass and stop being such a wasteful hater. at least the guys at pitchfork are right-on some of the time.

  8. kelly c.

    IM SHOCKED THAT THE TOUCHIES FORMER DRUMMER and former playboy honey LUCKY BAILEY isn’t listed yet. I will be more than stoked to see my fave drummer listed here.

    ps:(think that they are broke up although rumored to be possibly together again)

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  12. ThaDamage

    Akiko is the only element of The Big Pink live show worth watching. She should be #1 simply for keeping me from walking out before hearing them play “Dominos.”

  13. Gary Im not Busey

    Never heard of the Vandelles but since their drummer is so smoking hot I had to check them out. Fuck yeah! Reverb and fuzz! They are bad ass!

  14. Debbie Dukes

    Poni if the Ettes is the fucking greatest and she is so BEAUTIFUL! If you haven’t seen the Ettes you need to! They are so good and Poni just thrashes those drums up!!!!

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