Photos: Venice Music Crawl at Deus Ex Machina

The Venice Music Crawl kicked off it’s inaugural yearly celebration this past Saturday, June 22 and it was a success! With absolutely perfect beach weather and loads of local and live music, not to mention beach, babes and booze — what more could you ask for? It was an exciting day of music to say the least. While we hopped around and checked out bands at Deus Ex Machina, the Love Shack and Witz End — we opted to spend most of our time at Deus Ex Machina. It was a lax backyard BBQ featuring music by Rainbow Jackson, Mt. Ossa, LA Witch, Thee Rain Cats, Caught A Ghost, and a lot more. It was as thought the East Side moved to Venice Beach just for one day. To top it all off, we were surrounded by some sexy as hell vintage motorcycles.

Deus Ex Machina (god from the machine) is a rad shop based in Venice with their flagship in Australia. If you’re into motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding, or just want to have some fresh Handsome Coffee and a tasty pastry, you should cruise by Deus and check them out. Great spot.

Check out the photos below from the Venice Music Crawl at Deus Ex Machina. Thanks to Nevin at Deus for hooking us up with the photo set.

Rainbow Jackson live photos

Rainbow Jackson

Val and her Lovers photos

Val and Her Lovers at the Love Shack

Josh Boyd 3

Josh Boyd 3

For even more photos, click through our photo gallery below!

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