Venice Music Crawl feat. Rainbow Jackson, Caught A Ghost, Buyepongo & 57 More Acts!

Caught A Ghost

Caught A Ghost

The first ever Venice Music Crawl is kicking off this Saturday, June 22 in Venice Beach across six locations off Lincoln Blvd. You can catch some rockin’ bands such as Rainbow Jackson and Caught A Ghost at the biker/surf stop, Deus Ex Machina or opt to get your groove on at Floyd’s for some GOJ!RA and hear some Latin rhythms with Buyepongo at the Venice Love Shack. You can’t go wrong at the Venice Music Crawl, there are about 60 bands playing at six different venues and best of all, most of Venice Music Crawl is FREE!

Venice Music Crawl starts at 12pm and ends at 10pm. The weather this Saturday is looking gorgeous with blue skies, warm sun, and 75 degree weather. Grimy Goods will be headed to the West Side for this fun day of music at the beach, you should too! There are great selections of bands to watch and we’ve bolded some of our favorites below. Check it:

Deus Ex Machina
1001 Venice Blvd.

12 DJs + Beatmakers
1 Young Lovers
145 Fox Hollow
230 Rainbow Jackson
315 LA Witch
4 Josh Boyd 3
445 Hobart W Fink
530 Mt Ossa
615 Haunted Summer
7 You Me & Us
8 Thee Rain Cats
9 Caught A Ghost

RG Club
$10 cover, $15 after 10pm. All goes to charity.
2536 Lincoln Blvd.

12:00 Dj Ora
1:15 Jeniluv
2:30 Shayn Almeida
3:45 Henry Pope
5:00 Loomer
6:15 Patricio
7:30 Sammy Bliss
8:45 Jesse Wright
10:00 jobot
11:15 Gina Calderoni
12:30 Shawna

609 Lincoln Blvd.

12:00 Mimi
1:00 Barehanded
2:00 Special Blend
3:00 Death House of Love
4:00 Bastille
5:00 GOJ!RA
6:00 Neo Fresco
7:00 Josh Brooks

Venice Love Shack
$10 cover, all goes to charity.
2121 Lincoln Blvd.

1:00 Anastasia
2:00 Jacqueline Fuentes + Manabu
3:00 Flight 2da Light
4:00 Val + Her Lovers
5:00 Noble Creatures
6:00 Buyepongo
7:00 Remi Kabaka + King of Boys

1717 Lincoln Blvd.

10:00 PM The Cerny Brothers
9:00 PM Elena Degl’ Innocenti
8:00 PM Steffaloo
7:00 PM The Get Down Boys
6:00 PM Jim & Sam
5:00 PM Lost On Purpose
4:00 PM Halfbluud
3:00 PM Jacqueline Caruso
2:00 PM The Californian
1:00 PM Phoebe Bridgers
12:00 PM Lipstick Lumberjack”

Talking Stick
12:00 PM: School of Rock Showcase
3:00 – 3:25PM: Suzy Husner
3:30 – 3:55 PM: Max Holly
4:00 – 4:25PM: Clare Means
4:30 – 4:55PM: The Conlons
5:00 – 5:25PM – Hunter Scott McLeod
5:30 – 5:55 PM: The Strands
7:00 – 10:00PM: Grassroots Iconica

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