Tokimonsta has always had a soft spot in my heart. Not only is she very cute, but she holds up her share and more in the male dominant world of electronic music. She played a dance infused show at the Echoplex last night. There were all types of dancing, especially twerking. Thanks to support of opening act, Brooke Candy, there was nothing short of butts to be seen, both male and female.

Brooke, dressed in a cheerleader outfit, comes off like a seductive Barbie who raps about things most Barbie owners shouldn’t her about. Pipes was probably one of the most interesting acts I have seen. As a house-hip hop duo, they came off with such vibrant energy everyone in the crowd could feel it. Matty P, the singer for Pipes, reminded me of a Jesus figure with his long, white robe, and the way his dancers carried him off stage at the end of their hypnotic performance. By the end of the night every person I saw was covered in sweat and had a huge smile on their face.

Photography & Words: Ryan Bussard

Be sure to check out the photo gallery of Tokimonsta, Brooke Candy, and Pipes below!


Brooke Candy


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